Different Types Of Teas For A Sore Throat

Most people who are conscious of the medicines they take will always look for cheap natural home remedies that are easily available. However, not all home remedies give quick results. But there are types of teas and herbal infusions that can help soothe a painful throat. They will provide relief and comfort quicker than some of the products on the market. Here are some of the common teas in the market for a burning throat.


Chamomile tea

Those who love tea will probably enjoy the taste of chamomile. Not only is chamomile the most widely available herbal tea in the world but also the oldest known to be a herbal remedy.

A number of studies have proven that chamomile has the power to treat a variety of conditions. This tea can lubricate your throat and this may be useful in warding off pain and hoarseness. The tea also has anti-inflammatory properties that greatly reduce redness and swelling.

There are many reasons that make chamomile popular. But what stands out is its antioxidant properties which repair damaged tissues. It can also reduce cough thanks to the antispasmodic action.

Sore throats are sometimes caused by a cold. If this is the case, chamomile tea can relieve some of the other cold symptoms. Other than drinking it, one can as well inhale its steam and this will be equally effective.


Slippery elm tea

This is a herb that has, for many centuries, been used as a natural remedy. Slipper elm tea contains an element referred to as mucilage. This is what turns into a gel after it’s mixed with water. The gel will help coat your throat. This will, in turn, soothe and protect your throat. It has been discovered that elm tea is more soothing than decaffeinated orange pokeo tea.


Horehound tea

What makes horehound tea one of the most effective teas to relieve a sore throat is the fact that it is an antioxidant-rich herb that has anti-inflammatory properties. This has traditionally been used as a remedy to eliminate colds and soreness. Horehound will also work like a mild cough expectorant. So this is the tea one should get if there are issues with mucus buildup. People who want horehound tea will always get it at the health food store or pharmacy.


Turmeric tea

Turmeric belongs to the ginger family. There are lots of products that have this as the key ingredient and this is because of its effectiveness to heal a burning throat. If you have this growing in your garden, you can make yourself a natural remedy. Put it in some boiling water. Simmer the solution for several minutes then strain into a cup. The taste is not always the best, so add some honey to sweeten it. And just like most of the herbal teas in this list, turmeric tea has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant properties. This is why it’s effective in relieving throat pain and irritation.


Green tea

Green tea, just like other herbal teas, is also reach in antioxidants. One has a chance of getting some natural anti-inflammatory properties that cannot be found anywhere else. Research shows that gargling green tea will help relieve a soreness. Green tea also has other numerous health benefits that will improve the overall functioning and healing of the throat.

To make green tea effective, one should understand the best condition to take it. So after brewing the tea, let it cool to a comfortable temperature. Gargle it for several seconds then spit out. Repeat this process 2-3 times as required.


Licorice root tea

This is a common alternative remedy people go for. Before gargling licorice tea, you will first need to follow the package directions. After preparing it, let it cool to a comfortable temperature. Gargle it for several seconds then spit out.

It is important to understand that licorice root can be dangerous if taken in large quantities. So for those who have certain health conditions, consult the doctor before taking licorice root tea.

With that in mind, those are the best types of teas you should consider taking if a sore throat is messing up your day. Also, consider taking commercial products that mix these teas to have a more powerful throat soothing and coating remedy.

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